About Us

Good people, focused on making a difference.

From growing your business, addressing challenges, completing a projects & anything in between.

Taking small & mid-size business to the next level.

We are a group of individuals with experience operating at all levels within companies, including serving as corporate executives, mid-level managers, business operations leaders, developers and designers in different market sectors.

We've taken small and mid-sized businesses to the next level as well as founded and operated our own businesses.  We have decades of experience in supporting entrepreneurs, business owners and leadership teams in various industries solve business problems and achieve their overall goals, whatever that may be.



The balance of corporate with agility of startup - it's not a one-size-fits all

We've used and developed playbooks, frameworks, processes and recipes that's help accomplish and solve whatever challenges you have today.  While some of these seldom work out-of-the-box, when they do, it is a beautiful thing!  Our experience and discipline is rooted in standards and process, we are however, lifelong learners and understand that life happens. We have an appreciation of what others do to get things done - we've been there.


Getting things done

- and preferably the first time around, we understand budgets, schedules and whatever unique challenges or obstacle your business may have.  We listen and think outside the box to solve business challenges to ultimately achieve your goals.  It's a partnership.

The Team

We're not a big fans of writing about ourselves, but here's some.
Pia Miranda
Pia Miranda

Pia has over twenty-years of experience helping companies overcome challenges, transform and achieve their goals. Her career is characterized by its diversity and breadth.  She has successfully worked in fields ranging from  IoT, M2M telematics, aerospace, defense, government, retail, food and beverage. She's led global teams from small to large companies, successfully crafting, communicating and executing  relevant and meaningful strategies, identify and enter new markets, develop and launch products, streamline operations, complete acquisitions and integrations on both buy and sell side.   Pia specializes in solving business problems, transforming companies  and raising its performance to the next level.

Melissa Nuval

Melissa specializes in working with small businesses within the health and wellness, retail, restaurant and  technology start-ups.  She's successfully worn many hats contributing to each organization's overall growth by instituting organizational real world, sustainable structures and procedures.  She's authored various administrative and technical manuals,  ghostwritten articles for publication, developed budget conscious social media marketing initiatives as well as building and deploying small business friendly websites.

Layla Miranda

Layla is a natural problem solver and a self-starter.  She's passionate about continuous learning and making a difference in every projects or task she is tackling.  She's  successfully led and contributed in the execution and completion of  numerous projects supporting the company's overall business goals. 

Nathan Nuval

Nathan is an award-winning professional, experienced in translating project requirements to launch-ready software. He is a summa cum laude graduate from Mary Washington, winner of hackathons and innovation awards. Nathan has served in multiple roles; software developer, systems engineer and project manager. His attention to detail, creativity and great communication skills make him an asset to any team or project he is involved in.

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